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The work of the Kebab Alliance centres on:

Public relations

 to raise the profile of the kebab industry, our members and cuisine that it serves up

Reputation management

to support the good name of the industry

Campaigns and events

to showcase the very best in the sector

Political and regulatory

to ensure a policy and regulatory environment that is supportive of both those involved in the industry and consumers

Through our activities we will drive the following priorities, which form the Kebab Alliance Charter

Championing a positive, healthy, nutritional image for kebabs

Not all takeaway foods are created equal! Kebabs are more often than not grilled, which makes them a less fatty alternative than many other dishes. Quality kebabs will also use lean, grilled meats and contain fresh salad and vegetables. The Kebab Alliance will play a key role in highlighting kebabs as a healthy option for consumers, not just as a takeaway after last orders, as they are often perceived. Polling conducted last year by Survation showed that while 36% of the population ate a Kebab in the last month, it scored on only 3.75 out of 10 for health perception – lower than any other type of fast food.

Advocating an appropriate regulatory landscape

Like so many of the retailers on the high street, the majority of kebab restaurants are small businesses. A progressive and appropriate landscape for regulation can protect this valued industry and ensure that it continues to thrive. The Kebab Alliance will represent the interests of the industry in Westminster including on issues such as business rates and labour shortages.

Promoting best in class standards across the industry

Our members hold themselves to the highest standards, sourcing the best ingredients and maintaining the highest standards for their premises and staff. We campaign for ethical sourcing, environmental standards and ethical business practices across the sector.

Ensuring a seamless, sustainable and ethical supply chain across the kebab industry

The kebab industry relies on access to quality ingredients from around the world. Meats, vegetables and spices can be sourced from anywhere, Newcastle to New Zealand, which means a reliance on frictionless trade and long-term certainty when it comes to imports and exports. It also means there are many parties involved in producing, storing, and distributing their ingredients and products from farm to fork. The Kebab Alliance will work closely with the industry to ensure the highest standards of supply chain management and the promotion of free trade.

Upholding the tradition of skilled, quality kebab-making

Kebab cooking dates back millennia and the history, skills and cultural importance of kebabs must be preserved for future generations.

The Kebab Alliance is speaking up for our industry.

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